Wedding Party

A space suitable for your big day
We can provide the detailed support and party arrangements that are only possible with a completely private wedding party.
The penthouse Ocean Suite Waikiki, with its open lanai and panoramic view of Waikiki Beach, offers a luxurious adult reception with a high degree of freedom during both daytime and nighttime hours.
Enjoy a relaxing time with your special guests while enjoying a cuisine made with the freshest ingredients from Hawaii.


Lunch Party

During the daytime, enjoy an open-air reception with a panoramic view of bustling Waikiki Beach in the background. The large windows leading to the lanai can be opened to allow guests to enjoy a sense of unity between the spacious living room and the open air, which is only possible at this location


Sunset Party

The sunset time is tinged with the glow of the setting sun, and the twilight time is when the jewel-like night view begins to shine. For the most romantic party for adults, enjoy relaxing at the bar counter or lounge and enjoying conversation while relaxing in the elegant interior. The bar is also available for after-parties after the reception.



Creative French cuisine using only the freshest ingredients from Hawaii

The tables are decorated with “Pacific Euro Asian Cuisine” based on French cuisine that incorporates many ingredients from Hawaii. In addition to a wide variety of party plans, we also recommend Couture Naoco’s exclusive special collaboration party plan. The lanai, with its comfortable ocean breezes, is the perfect place for a dessert buffet or any other special event you wish.


テーブルを彩るのはハワイの食材をふんだんに取り入れたフレンチベースの「パシフィック ユーロ アジアン キュイジーヌ」。豊富なパーティープランに加え、クチュールナオコだけのスペシャルコラボレーションパーティープランもおすすめ。海風が心地よく吹き抜けるラナイでのデザートビュッフェや演出も思いのままに。